Welcome to our church...

Rev Sally NelsonAbout us

We are a small, friendly and active church meeting in a school on the northern edge of Wetherby in West Yorkshire.

Our minister (part-time) is Rev Dr Sally Nelson, Ph.D, MA, and she can be contacted here.

Everyone is welcome to join us at any of our services and you will be assured of a warm reception. Our worship combines modern and traditional resources and is varied and informal, but not casual. We are part of Churches Together in Wetherby and regularly work together with other Christians in the town.

We strive to be a Bible-based, Christ-centred community, led by God's Word, guided by the Holy Spirit, and soaked in prayer.

Our mission is to take the good news of Jesus' salvation to where people are and to grow disciples.

We believe that everyone has an important role to play in our fellowship, and we encourage and support each other to develop our gifts in adventurous discipleship as we seek to fulfil God's purpose where we live and work.

Wetherby Baptist and 'Margins' bookshop

Following on from our successful 'Pop-Up Church', we have extended our lease on 2 Church Street and are operating it primarily as a second-hand bookshop.

We are seeing plenty of people will dropping in to see what bargains we have, to have a chat, perhaps a coffee and also to bring in their no-longer-wanted (pre-loved?) books to swell our collection.

We aren't able to staff the seven days a week, but we are trying to have someone there Tuesday to Saturdays between 10am and 2pm, although we may be open at other times.

We will not be using it for Sunday worship: that will still happen at Deighton Gates School as usual.

More details and Margins events...

Church Calendar

The Church Calendar shows church, fellowship and leadership team meetings, plus plenty of other events, so have a browse and update your diaries!

Bible text for month

Jesus said: "I am the vine, you are the branches".  (John15:5)

It is worth reading the whole psalm which lists all God has done for Israel with the refrain 'His love endures forever'. It would be a good exercise for all of us to do from time to time.

We suggest you memorise the sentence above and pray through it regularly this month. You may want to incorporate it into the Prayer of Stillness, which we are encouraging our congregation to use as part of our prayer life.