Welcome to our virtual worship service for the January 24

Thank you for sharing this service with us, whether you're joining us at 10:30am on Sunday morning, or watching later. If you are joining us and would like to know more about our church, please email our Church Secretary to make contact - we'd love to hear from you.

Below you'll find the series of items which together make up our service. Please go through them at your own pace by clicking on the 'play' arrows when you are ready to proceed.

We are delighted to welcome Revd Uell Kennedy as our speaker this morning; Uell has been a friend of Wetherby Baptist for many years. David has organised the service and will be leading. The readings are: Psalm 62.6-12 and John 2.1-11.

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Welcome and prayer - David

Psalm 62.1-12 (audio, read by David)

Psalm 62 banner

Song: Salvation belongs to our God

Reading: John 2.1-11

Talk, given by Revd Uell Kennedy

Song: Our God

Our God banner

Three prayers, led by Uell


The call and response is:

Come now and bless us,
 and deepen our faith in you.

Song: Turn your eyes

Close - David

Song: There's a place

"Pre-coffee" song: Through the night of doubt and sorrow

coffee cup

Join us for coffee...

Do join us for virtual coffee and biscuits at 11.30am for a Zoom meeting and say 'Hello' to everyone. You'll need the link which was emailed out on Friday. If you've lost it, email Chris (chrisbishop@ntlworld.com).

coffee cup

...and for prayer

This week our Zoom Prayer Gathering will be on WEDNESDAY evening at 7pm. The link has been emailed out, but if you didn't get it, email Chris (chrisbishop@ntlworld.com).